Who Is Your Ideal Prospect?

By Tracy Thomas | April 3, 2015

Envision your ideal prospect. How do they physically look? What are their wants? Do they have a problem? What would be your best way to communicate with them?

Take a moment to think about this—

When you know your ideal prospect, sky’s the limit. Your ideal prospect is that person, without a doubt, has a need for what you sell.

Study your ideal prospects. Maybe your prospects are beautiful women that love fashion.  Or that prospect may be a start up business that has no clue about business planning, or marketing concepts to build an online presence. Once you target your ideal prospect, strategically plan on how you will communicate the benefits of your products and/or services to prospects.

Do we really need to cold call dozens of non-interest parties before lucking up on the one person interested in your service? Must you attend every networking and/or social event to get the word out and dialing the best way to find new clients? The short answer is no. With today’s modern technology, the internet has allowed people to be more social.

How are you going to find your ideal prospect? That should be easy for the tech savvy business rep and/or entrepreneur. Social targeting has only become possible with the rise of social and digital marketing. Tools like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook provide you with insight into the interests and twinge of prospects. Seeing who they follow on Twitter, and checking for endorsements on LinkedIn shows you what your prospect is known for.

LinkedIn #1 Social Networking Tool

LinkedIn #1 Social Networking Tool

Another good way to gain prospects is word-of-mouth. If you have a great product, amazing customer services, and put your clients first —the word will get out.

These are tips I use personally for finding new clients, and retaining my existing customer base.

But, most importantly, remember to keep an open mind– and happy prospecting!

Tracy Thomas is Owner and Director of Marketing at Stellar Marketing and Business Solutions. Reach her at info@stellarmarketingpro.com or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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