First Spring Cleaning–Next Step to Social Media Success: Facebook Purge

By Tracy Thomas

The world of technology has come a long way… I can remember back in the days, signing into a dinosaur of a computer to check my personal email, and hearing that ever so exciting greeting of “you’ve got mail”. That AOL greeting marks the beginning of being available online.

I remember when internet access required, long beeping dial tones, and waiting patiently (almost forever) to connect–just surf the web. Fast forward to today, a mobile device is glued to everyone’s hand, and we are easily connecting to the internet; anywhere and at anytime.

Now technology–takes it a step further to look at my “friends” list on Facebook.

Let’s talk about FACEBOOK…

The community of people I went to school with and beyond. Some I still communicate with more than others. Honesty, there were people I still have connections with; I’m no longer a fan of.

As a part of personal growth, and moving forward in life (it happens), those that I see that have nothing in common, and haven’t brought any good into my life, gots to go! Yep, yep—SNIP! SNIP! as TD Jakes would say. 

Life is too short. So, there comes a time where we must do a Facebook purge. In this blog post, I will help guide you through editing and cleaning up your Facebook friend list with ease and making your space an enjoyable one.

First step is to remove anyone who you haven’t connected with for a long time. I remember at one time, with my previous music management firm, just adding people thinking I needed to be connected–rather than directing to my business page. I’ve grown wiser over the years, so now I do my due diligence (profile audit) before accepting a friend request.

Here is the fasted way to Unfriend Inactive Friends on Facebook.

Go to your profile. 

Then go to Events and select Birthdays.

Facebook Profile


By going to birthdays you can manage this purge on a daily, until you have accomplished a cleaner and more engaging Facebook friend list.

Once you have pulled up a friends profile, then go to see friendship.


See friendship will allow you to to see how long you’ve  been friends and any interactions. Having posts in common or active engagement is what should determine whether you are keeping them as a friend or removing them from your list. Very active interactions would involve tagging, pictures, comments, etc.

See Facebook enagement

Remember, you want your space to be positive, to be with people who support you, and who you care about. By caring, you want your space to be filled was with people that actually have real time  connections with you, who like you, are for you; and doing this purge will collectively create a space of fun and positivity .

Remember that quality wins over quantity. To know each person you’re connected to on Facebook differs to Instagram and Twitter. When using it as your personal space simple, minimal and drama-free is best.

You are always in control. You do not have to entertain anyone you are not interested with.

Hope this post helps. Happy Hump Day and  have a Stellar week!

Written by Tracy Thomas, Owner/Founder  – Stellar Marketing and Business Solutions 


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