EmpowHer of the Palm Beaches – Branding Empowerment – Speaker/Panelist – Danilda Martinez and Tracy Thomas

I had the most amazing experience as a speaker/panelist at #EmpowHer of the Palm Beaches. I made new connections with leaders and influencers throughout Palm Beach County, and met NEW people for the very first time!

Photo Courtey: Tessie Watts, Founder - The Leadership Haven
L/R: Tessie Watts, Senator Bill Nelson, Tracy Thomas, Former Miss America Ericka Dunla, and Mrs. Salesia Smith, Attorney at Law.

#Branding Empowerment: EmpowHer of the Palm Beaches | Stellar Marketing and Business Solutions

Facebook Live Streamhttp://ow.ly/qSSR30iM7Ts.

Here’s how to host an epic Facebook Live 😊

Set-up a Facebook Business Page aka Fan Page. Build, build, build on it.

  1. Put thought behind your Facebook Live: Have a strategy/plan, whether you are seeking website traffic, or to get butts in seats for your next event. Produce content that ADDS VALUE (YES-have a plan).
  2. Encourage engagement: Call To Comment (CTC) – 5-7 times in your live stream. Ex: Where are you from? Or have you ever experienced that? Read comments to interact and engage with the audience. Think about your rebroadcast viewers – include them in the message. Remember to check backdrop/environment – no dogs barking etc. The first ten seconds should grab your viewers attention.
  3. Repurposing Your Content:  Have a plan to optimize video for rebroadcast and repurposing. From transcribing text to visual image quotes, to a new blog post. One stream can = 1 month of valuable content shared.
  4. Recommended  Equipment – Investing in equipment gives a more professional quality look your FB live. 
    1. Lavalier Lapel Microphone with Easy Clip-On System http://ow.ly/Nml930iJKiW.
    2. Dual Lavalier Mics-MAONO AU404 Lapel Clip http://ow.ly/wPUD30iJKbi.
    3. Neewer 18″ LED Ring Light http://ow.ly/s3Y230iJKqn.

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